A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Who says falling in love is sweet? 
It's flowers that invest the lungs at times that it became unrequited. 
Peter should prioritize his life but whether he can get rid of his love... 
That's a problem. 

This is a game for Community Game Jam made in 1 week submitted with 1 hour left. This is a platformer game with the theme "The Game is A Liar".

The Controls are:
W - Move to the right 
A - Move to the left 
W / Space - Jump 
The rest you have to find out yourself 

Have fun and explore all the 3 available endings.

Install instructions

Just extract and enjoy the game :D


Cruentus Flos x32 21 MB
Cruentus Flos x64 24 MB
Cruentus Flos Linux 24 MB
Cruentus Flos Mac 23 MB

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